Saturday, March 28, 2015

Weekly Blog Roundup

A few great posts from the horse blogging world this week!

Tips to Organize Your Equestrian Life from Fly on Over
I am a fairly obsessive paperwork organizer. I love this. Good tips, and a very soothing look into another equestrian's way of organizing.

So You Want to Blog Part 2 from She Moved to Texas
I am not at all a graphic designer, so I loved this post in particular about the design of your blog and how you can work with it. Lots to think about there.

The Unsung Plight of the Show Photographer from Zen and the Art of Baby Horse Management
My last trainer's wife was a horse show photographer, and I thought of myself as fairly savvy when it came to the challenges facing show photographers...but I hadn't thought of any of these!

Professionals as Role Models from The $900 Facebook Pony

Because You Asked: Lucy's Tack from The 7MSN Ranch
Donkey tack, you guys. Donkey. Tack. Awesome.

Moms + Horses = ? from What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
I admit: one of the biggest reasons I get nervous about the idea of having kids is because I'm certain it would destroy my horse life. This gives me some hope, but it also leaves me in awe - no way could I be that present and aware.

Midwives on Horseback: Saddlebags and Science from O Say Can You See? (Smithsonian National Museum of American History
Oh my God this is awesome. Wow. Women rock.

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