Thursday, March 5, 2015

Boosting the Signal: Please Help Vote

I'm passing this along from a dear friend. ESPN is running a contest to give charity moneys to various foundations. Basically, you vote for a particular coach, and then that coach chooses the money to give charity.

If Matt Painter, head coach for Purdue University men's basketball team wins, he will donate it toward a charity that promotes research into a rare and devastating disease called Niemann Pick Type C.

The friend who sent me this information is married to a wonderful man whose brother and two sisters died of this disease before they became teenagers. His family started a foundation to begin research into the disease, and thanks to the research of that foundation they were able to develop a genetic test. He alone of his siblings is not a carrier, and he was able to start a family because of that research. They have a beautiful little girl together.

Please take a moment to vote for Matt Painter at the ESPN website. You'll have to sign up for an account, which is frustrating, but this is worth it.

Thank you.

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