Tuesday, March 3, 2015

See, I wasn't just whining: coldest winter EVER.

I would just like to leave this here, as evidence that I am not simply a whiner who can't cope with winter. While Boston was getting record snowfall, Vermont experienced literally the coldest winter in recorded history. I have never sacrificed so many riding days to the extreme cold.

From Eye on the Sky, our local non-hysterical and actually-meteorological weather guys:
The February 2015 Summary: 
This was one of the coldest months on record for several stations. 
For Burlington, it was the 3rd coldest February, and the 7th coldest of any month, with an average of 7.6°F. 
In St. Johnsbury, this was the 2nd coldest February, and ties the 6th coldest month, with an average of 7.7°F. 
In addition, this was the coldest January-February period since 1904, and includes 41 days (so far) with temperatures consecutively at 32°F or colder, the second longest stretch at the Museum (the longest, 51 days, ran from late December 1976 through early February 1977) 
This is the only February on the Museum records with no above freezing temperatures.
Southern areas also received heavy snowfall, with 45.6 inches reported in Marlboro, VT, and Hillsboro Upper Village, NH had 56.5 inches. 
To get an idea how extraordinary the cold was, the image shows the average February temperature in St. Johnsbury since 1895 (the dark blue line), with the red line a 7-year running mean to show a trend over the years. It is only the 2nd February to average less than 10°F since 1934. This was NOT just an "old-fashioned" February!

They do not report on my area, but did in a previous post: my city averaged 4°F for the month of February, which was officially its coldest ever.

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  1. Ughhhh brrrrr! For your sake I sincerely hope it warms up soon!!


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