Friday, March 20, 2015

Round 1, Match 2: Sylvester versus The Man from Snowy River

Sylvester versus The Man from Snowy River

Sylvester (1985)

Charlie is a 16-year-old orphan struggling to raise her two younger brothers when she endeavors to train a rogue horse she names Sylvester and turn him into an eventing champion.

The Man from Snowy River (1982)

In 1880s Australia when young Jim Craig's father dies Jim takes a job at the Harrison cattle ranch and he is forced to become a man.

(Mod note: I have so many feels about this matchup, you guys, I cannot even.)


  1. So love Sylvester! TMFSR made me start bawling so bad when the horse dies that my mom had to carry me out of the theater (I was five). Haven't watched it sense.

  2. Oops that was the second one, not the first. Still like Sylvester better :)

  3. this is a tough one!! the man from snowy river was a favorite as a child, and i didn't see sylvester until later (and then only partially....) but it was good too!

  4. As a card carrying Australian (card, passport, whatever) I literally can't NOT vote for this epic poem turned into a movie featuring hot people and epic, epic riding through gorgeous Australian scenery.

  5. The Man From Snowy River is the BEST!!

  6. Sylvester better have this or I quit! ajhaha


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