Tuesday, March 31, 2015

FINAL FOUR: National Velvet versus Black Beauty

Here's our second matchup of the Final Four, another really tough choice.

National Velvet handily beat out Hidalgo in its previous match.

Black Beauty just baaaarely edged by Seabiscuit.

Here's a nice collection of clips from National Velvet - it hits all the highlights, including all those gorgeous shots of Elizabeth Taylor galloping the (chestnut) Pie.

Here's the trailer for Black Beauty.

So...who advances?


  1. Will probably be pretty evenly split!

  2. Merrylegs and Ginger give BB the edge, I think.

  3. Ooh, tough one! I can quote pretty much all of National Velvet though, so it gets my vote.

  4. it cracks me up how clearly National Velvet is in California...

  5. phew - finally got to cast a vote again!


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