Monday, March 30, 2015

FINAL FOUR: The Black Stallion versus Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken

Here, I'll set the mood.


Here's what our bracket looks like now.

We're down to the Final Four. Every movie that made it to this round should hold its head high, because some really great movies went down in the previous rounds. That said, this can only get harder now, and this match in particular is a real heartbreaker.

The Black Stallion edged by The Man from Snowy River by one measly vote, proving that every single vote counts.

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken only cleared Secretariat by two votes. 

For this round, I'll find some iconic scenes from the movies in question to get you inspired and make you think about your vote. So here, take a few minutes to watch these. I'll wait.

Now make your tough decision.


  1. So sad my favorite didn't even make it past the first round lol

  2. Eeek all my favorites are in the final four! This was a tough decision.

  3. gah i'm so far behind on voting and all my faves are going down :(


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