Saturday, March 7, 2015

Weekly Blog Roundup

Here are some great horse blog posts from this past week.

First of all: thank you to everyone who recommended new blogs to me last week. I've added probably 20-25 to my reading list and am loving the new variety and reading material. Keep 'em coming!

Let it go without saying that I am beyond jealous of everyone who got to hang out in the warmth of Austin together. (Okay, I know you all keep saying it was freezing but if precipitation was coming down in liquid form it can't have been that cold.) Here are a few recap posts that I've been living through vicariously all week.

Weekend in numbers: horse blogger edition from Hand Gallop
Epic blogger weekend from Wyvern Oaks
Horse bloggers weekend was a blast! from She Moved to Texas
Blogger Meetup, Part 1 & Blogger Weekend Retail Therapy & Not Actually Jousting from Cob Jockey
Blogger Weekend 2015 from A Gift Horse
Icy Wet Weather and Bloggers Weekend from Bay With Chrome

Significant Other Survival Guide: Three Day Events from Dandyism
It'll be a cold day in hell before my fiance grooms for me at an event, but this is an outstanding and hilarious guide. Great reading material if any of you have partners who are willing to do the horse thing!

Costume Creations: Frontiers-horse from Poor Woman Showing
What. This is AWESOME.

Breed Showing Encyclopedia Part Two from Hey Hey Holly
Even better than the first part! Check out the video of the showmanship pattern. o.O

TIL: The Florida Chronicles, the Easy Edition from Guinness on Tap
Who doesn't want to make horse laundry easier?! No one. Check out these great tips.

Throwback Thursday: Buster from Hand Gallop
What a wonderful story - I smiled all the way through.

Finally, the blogging world lost a really special horse this week. Suzanne and Sugar were an incredible team, and I never read a post of Suzanne's that didn't make me admire her work ethic and her enormous heart. I wish I'd gotten the chance to meet Sugar in person. Suzanne writes about it here, in Living Life in the Middle.

Remembering "The Other Sugar" from A Work in Progress
And a tribute to Sugar.

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  1. Aw. Great features this week. Love these collections you do! (Thanks for the shout out, too!)


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