Sunday, January 26, 2014

Still Not Spring

This has become basically the most boring horse blog of all time. I'm sorry! Last night, it was warm enough to go ride my horse...but the sideways snow and the hacking cough got the better of me so I went home instead.

Today, I have only left the couch to accompany the boyfriend to go see Frozen. Which you should go see, if only for the Fjords, they were totally adorable. (It was a good movie too. But Fjords!)

Besides, our high was 7 for the day, and the hacking cough is way worse.

Tomorrow: work on my day off, followed by a massage for Tristan, which was supposed to be preceded by a lesson. But the high is 12 and I should probably not be engaging in athletic endeavors. Potentially by Thursday the temperatures will start to crawl back up into the teens and stay there, and God willing and the crick don't rise (it can't, it's frozen) I will kick this cold.


Here, have a picture of our bucket ice pile. I know people say you should have potable water in front of your horse at all times, but those people clearly haven't lived in a place without an electrical grid that will support heated an environment in which ice forms on open water in ten or twenty minutes. They refresh the buckets constantly during the day, and swap buckets around all the time to keep the ice buildup down, but winter, it is not to be messed with.


  1. We have a bucket ice pile as well. My trainer lost several horses in a barn fire several years ago and she won't use heated buckets even with this horrible cold. So buckets get refilled often but like you said sometimes they freeze in about 10 minutes.

    Hope you kick the cold soon! and I hope winter eases up for all of us!

  2. Just add beer to the water. Its what I do and they don't freeze nearly as quickly! Just purchase some cheap beer. Horses love it, too!


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