Friday, January 3, 2014

More Joy Day Approaching!

Have you heard of More Joy Day? It is a wonderful thing. Read more here.

I propose we also have a horse blog More Joy Day. So, on January 9, share the joy. Post a photo, feed your horse a peppermint, tell the world about a great blog you read, donate to a horse rescue, host a giveaway, give a lesson pony a spa day, bring cookies to your trainer/barn manager, sweep the aisle, pay for someone else's coffee at the name it. Do something, anything, to bring more joy to the world.

I'll post on January 9 to share what I'm doing - I have Ideas - and if you do something awesome that day, let me know about it, ok? I'll host a roundup so we can all share in the good cheer.

So...get ready to go forth and spread more joy!


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