Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Goals

Okay. Here we go. May this year be better than the one that came before it.

Tristan's Goals

1. Get fit and rebuild muscle
His #1 goal for the year is to get back in shape. Ideal would be BN fit again, but we'll see.

2. Strengthen dressage, particularly the canter
I would love to come out of 2014 with a real canter. We'll see. I'll take anything other than giraffe motorcycling, at this point.

3. Work on jumping again
He is jumping in hand, but I'd like to try some jumping lessons under saddle and see how his foot holds up.

4. Do a few tests at dressage show
Tons of options here for places to go. Ideally I'd travel, but we have two shows at home each year that we could do if we want. The whole barn goes down to GHMA and up to the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds for big registered show each year, so I could dip a toe in there if I chose.

5. Complete a group trail ride
GMHA, maybe? They have some good CTR options on their schedule. This could potentially also be a hunter pace, or a more informal community trail ride.

My Goals

1. Get fit!
I need to be a stronger, more effective rider.

2. Find a schedule and stick to it
Year 1 in Vermont was about working like crazy in my new position. Year 2 will be, if anything, even more busy, with some major events coming up, but now that I have the basic routine down I need to be more disciplined about keeping Tristan in a program.

3. Take more lessons
Much as I wanted to, my lessons in 2013 were sporadic. I need to commit to working more barn hours and taking more lessons.

4. Rebuild emergency savings
2013 was the year of neverending vet bills. 2014 needs to involve more buckling down and replenishing the money that went away. I'll be shopping for a new daily driver in the fall, and looking toward replacing truck and trailer in another 3-5 years, and those things can't happen without better fiscal management.

5. Be better organized with barn stuff
My stuff is freaking everywhere right now - the car trunk, the truck back seat, the trailer, the mud room, the tack name it. I need to go through, re-organize everything, and take stock of what I have - and keep it in better shape going forward.


  1. Sounds like some very doable goals. Happy New Years!

    1. And to you! Here's hoping they're accomplished!

  2. I miss emergency savings. Great goals, I'm sure you'll accomplish them :)

    1. Jeez, right? I still have an overall emergency fund that's the sort of thing I'd use if I lost my job or something like that, but I used to have one just for him, for unexpected vet bills. It is a thing of distant memory. Right now there's $5.81 in the account.

  3. Sounds solid and doable! Best of luck in 2014!


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