Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2014 Outline

Last day of subzero temps, according to the weather app! I am ready to get in more riding and less whining. (And less baking, and eating of things I bake. Yikes.)

I already wrote about my 2014 goals, but this is a more general outline with some potential dates for things - and other stuff I need to keep in the budget.


Stick to a consistent schedule; build topline & fitness; take a few lessons.


Ditto January: Stick to a consistent schedule; build topline & fitness; take a few lessons.

If all goes well, try a few jumps under saddle at the end of the month.


Spring shots & teeth. Get the trailer registered and potentially taken out to get inspected/repaired. Re-up my US Rider

Continue topline & fitness, but we should be well on our way by now: capable of a full 60 minute lesson without too much exhaustion on either part.


Start hacking regularly, whenever possible. Plan on minimum of 60 minutes out for each hack, 2x per week.

Pull shoes, if all goes well, and get back to barefoot.

Continue schooling under saddle, fine-tuning dressage. IF jumping is a go, jump 1x every two weeks minimum.

Possible events for riding or volunteering: GMHA Mud Ride (April 26-27), VT Everything Equine (April 26-27)


Get off property for trail rides 2-3x. Continue dressage. If jumping is a go, haul out for jumping lessons w/ instructor in Vergennes.

Possible events for riding or volunteering: VERDA Bare Bones Endurance Ride (May 11), Hitching Post Horse Trials (May 17-18), GMHA Spring Horse Trials (May 31-June 1)


Unfortunately I already know that most of June will be a wasteland due to a massive work event at the end of the month. The goal for this month is to keep my head above water: stick to a schedule and keep him fit.

Possible events for riding or volunteering: East Hill Farm Schooling Dressage (no dates yet), Vermont Morgan Heritage Days (June 14-15)


Work commitments ease considerably, and we should be able to pick up the pace here. If all is going really well we can turn the screws and think about the GMHA show at the end of the month, OR think about getting out and foxhunting.

Possible events for riding or volunteering: Huntington Horse Trials (July 11-12), GMHA Dressage Days (July 25-27),


Keep turning those screws, keep hauling out to jump with Vergennes trainer, keep fine-tuning the dressage. Foxhunting if possible.

Possible events for riding or volunteering: Vermont Dressage Days (August 9-10), GMHA Combined Driving Event (August 23-24), GMHA Distance Days (August 29-31)


Lots of options for getting out and about this month, depending on how we want to structure it. Do we want to do more low key stuff, or do we want to show off a bit? Some really good schooling show options if we choose to go that route.

Possible events for riding or volunteering: Eddy Farm Schooling Three Phase (no dates yet), Equestry Schooling Dressage (no dates yet), East Hill Farm Schooling Dressage (no dates yet), GMHA Fall Hunter Pace (September 7), GMHA Horse Trials (September 13-14), GMHA Fall Foliage Ride (September 26-28)


My brother is getting married early in the month, and that may basically suck all the horse joy out of the first two weeks of the month. We'll see.

Possible events for riding or volunteering: GMHA Dressage Show (October 4-5), Lucinda Green Clinic @ GMHA (October 8-9), GMHA Fall Foliage Ride (October 10-12), GMHA 50 Mile Ride (October 18)


Trainer heads back to Florida. Things start winding down here. My goal will be to head into next winter with Tristan in good weight and fitness, and to have a specific series of goals to tackle through the winter.


Winter is coming.


  1. I do a quarterly outline in my head with expenses and show goals, etc. I think it's a great way to stay on track for the year!

    1. I had a monthly specific show goals/expenses outline for the summer of 2012, and we were rocking it until the foot problems started. This is the first time I've looked at a whole year, though. It's both exhilarating and intimidating!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It was tricky trying to get specific and yet keep it flexible, over a whole year.

  3. Ha! Winter is not "Coming" in December, darling. It is Present. And Accounted For.

    1. Yes, but it's still the kind of winter I can cope with: snow and cold, but not the bitter, nasty, endless ice that January and beyond bring. I typically still get a lot of riding done in December. After that, we enter the wasteland.

  4. Replies
    1. Trying! Last time we had a proper plan it got blown up, so it makes me a bit nervous to have one, but here we go nonetheless. :)


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