Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lucky speaks for all of us

(this post is brought to you by the mistake I made in checking next week's weather which will be JUST AS COLD, FFS, VERMONT, ENOUGH ALREADY)

Friday afternoon it should reach the high single digits, which means I'll head out to the barn and try to do some walking, at least, with a quarter sheet. Long slow distance, right? Or at lest getting and keeping him moving.

Saturday it should be warm enough to properly school!

Then it plunges back down again, most likely, with lows in the double digits below zero most days next week. Siiiiiiiiigh.


  1. Our weather is mimicking yours but just warmer over all. Still way too cold for me, though! We are almost through January and I'm sure February will be a mess too but at least March isn't too far away and then April and then MAY!!

  2. *sends hot chocolate*


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