Tuesday, October 7, 2014


You may have noticed an excess of non-current postings last week; sorry! I did that thing where you're not supposed to tell the internet you're out of town, so no one robs you. Or something. Anyway, I was off all last week for my brother's wedding out of town, and I'm back now, and I have 567 blog posts to read. O.o

Last night, I swung by the barn to longe Tristan and loosen him up before his massage, since he hadn't been worked in a week. The barn manager warned me that he had been a jerk on the way in - stopped to eat some grass, and when he was reprimanded started rearing and bucking. She said they'd had a discussion, which I am 100% ok with - good behavior is his #1 rule.

So I put him on the longe line and foolishly did not take that into account and he was a LUNATIC. Not even for Tristan, for any horse. I lost count of the good back-cracking bucks and kicks out and half-rears and sprinting around and whooooooo boy. What was supposed to be a 15 minute loosening turned into a 30 minute schooling, followed by 15 minutes of walking up and down the driveway to cool him out. I have some charming rope burns on my hands because I got complacent and forgot my "always wear gloves" rule for handling horses. That'll teach me.

J. noticed immediately during his massage that he looks brighter, his muscle tone is dramatically better, and he just has a spark back to him.

We are at 5 weeks into the pergolide, and I'm declaring victory. :D Tonight I get on and see how he feels under saddle. This could be fun...


  1. yay! glad your treatment plan is working!! sounds like Tris feels GOOD lol

  2. Someone is feeling spicy!! Make sure to wear gloves for your ride (blisters suck).


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