Tuesday, October 7, 2014

10 Things

  1. Is there something you don’t like about your riding? Oh, yeah. Lots. Probably the #1 thing though is my total and complete lack of natural "feel." People say things like "oh, his inside hind was lagging" or "his hip wasn't moving fluidly enough" and I think my butt is totally numb. I've gained what little feel I have through lots and LOTS of hours in the saddle, and even then I am lightyears behind most people.
  2. Does your horse buck? Ummmmm...no. Not really. He tries, sometimes. He's only gotten me off when I wasn't paying attention.
  3. Is your horse head shy? He used to be insanely head shy - like, can't even touch the halter without a hissy fit head shy. I still make a concerted effort to mess with his head every time I handle him. Now, that behavior is limited to being pissed about getting dewormed and occasionally fussing about his ears.
  4. Favorite barn chore to do? Watering. I like hanging out and watching the horses in their stalls/fields, and the slow satisfaction of watching the water fill up, plus the knowledge that they get fresh, clean water.
  5. How many times do you ride a week? 3-4; trying to get up to 4-5 or even 6.
  6. Who is your favorite pro rider? Of all time? Alois Podhajsky. Currently? Hmmmmm. Sinead Halpin has to be up there; Will Coleman is also a personal favorite for reasons only tangentially related to his hotness. 
  7. If one pro rider could train you for one day who would it be? David O'Connor. I've seen him teach and love his style.
  8. Favorite Facial Marking? Blaze!
  9. Leg Markings or No Leg Markings? Sure, but it's not a dealbreaker for me. Tristan's one white sock is a bitch to keep clean.
  10. Ever broken anything falling off? Fingers. Nothing more serious, knock wood.

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  1. i'm with ya on #1 - sometimes i wonder if i'm the most oblivious rider there ever was lol


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