Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Breyer Stablemate Custom Painting

As I mentioned briefly in my recap of the Vermont Live Model Horse Show, I wandered into the main part of the farm store and almost immediately got sucked in to painting a Breyer Stablemate.

I'll be honest: I spent an hour and a half painting my little Stablemate to look like Tristan. I had a three year old girl on one side of me and a five year old girl on the other side painting Stablemates pink and purple, and gold and orange, respectively. I got way, way too into it but it also turned into a lovely sort of zen thing and I'm happy with the results.

I'm usually terrible at all things artistic, so that this even turned out passably good is amazing.

Coat 1: Very splotchy.

Coat 2: Getting darker, but still splotchy.

Coat 3: Starting to look good!

Coat 4: good enough for now! Starting the black on his legs and hooves.

Coat 5: Adding black to the mane and tail, and touchups on the body to darken the splotchy parts.

Coat 6 doesn't look much different, but it was basically continuing to touch up splotchy parts.

Coat 7: Adding in the white, and done!

Thank you, Guy's Farm and Yard, for a fun morning!


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