Saturday, October 25, 2014

Weekly Blog Roundup

Here's a few interesting posts that came across my dashboard this week.

Deciding How Much to Clip and Why from Cob Jockey
Great, GREAT overview, with pictures, reasoning, and thoughtful commentary. I'm currently flailing around deciding whether to do a very light clip on Tristan for the winter, since he's been sweatier this year than ever before. This was a really helpful read.

Vegas: The Prequel & Vegas: The Part Where We Actually Showed from The Roany Pony
I know exactly nothing about AQHA showing, and I was incredibly excited to see this, about the AQHA Championships in Las Vegas. What an amazing experience!

Griffin Lately: A Photo Journal from In Omnia Paratus
I love reading about Griffin's progress. Liz has such a practical, discerning eye when it comes to training a young horse both mentally and physically. The comparative photos she shares are always amazing, and wow, what a difference in this installment!

Tack Ho Pro: Buying from Overseas from The $900 Facebook Pony
Great tips here, and a nice followup to the PS of Sweden bridle post. Have you ever bought tack or horse equipment from overseas? I haven't, though the fiance buys hockey stuff (mostly jerseys) from overseas all the time.

Fall is in full swing & another case of the OTTBs from The Foxhunting Friesian
Check it out for the gorgeous photos of foxhunting in New England in the fall. Stay for the honest & heartfelt pang we've all had when our horses are not 100% suitable for the things we love to do with them.

Full Circle: From Breyer-Crazy to Breyer-Creator from Musings at Minkiewicz Studio
I was never truly what you'd call Breyer-Crazy, but I do have a soft spot a mile wide for them. This post is utterly amazing in the way it takes you through the creation and sculpture process for a new Breyer model. WOW. Read every word.

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