Sunday, October 19, 2014

Product Review: Four reasons I love, plus my favorite dog toys & accessories to buy there

First things first: this is not a horse-related review. Not obviously, anyway.

However, many of us who have horses also have other pets - dogs and cats particularly. Hannah first turned me on to when we got our new puppy, and after my first order or two I have become an obsessed devotee.

Link here: Please know that the following is not endorsed in any way. I just love them!

First: price. Everything on Chewy is dramatically better priced than I've been able to find it ANYWHERE else. Truly, anywhere. Food, toys, necessities like poop bags - you name it, I guarantee it will be better than even the sales price at Petco or Petsmart.

Second: selection. I have only missed one or two things on Chewy, and they were in the nature of random/obscure things, anyway. Other than that, whenever I've gone looking for a new toy, new type of accessory, you name it, it's there. That includes some of the more specific prescription and/or natural food out there.

Third: convenience. Wow, is it easy to just click a few buttons and have new food arrive, with a few bully sticks and new poop bags to round out the order. It's so easy and so convenient I've only had to stop at a local pet store to pick up new food once, and that was after two solid weeks of major fail on my part.

Fourth: customer service. The BEST. Anything over $49 is two day shipping, which feels like it's immediate. One bag of food for Arya hits that low bar. One bag of food for the cat, plus one or two toys for Arya, and we're there. Then it's on my front porch. Unboxing days are the best: the cat loves the boxes, Arya is excited about her new toys, I'm thrilled I don't have to carry home 30lbs of dog food, everybody wins! They also sent a really nice note saying they hoped we were enjoying our new toys & treats after my first order, and I've heard phenomenal things from people who have called them up to discuss options.

Here are a few of my favorite things I've bought at Chewy.

Busy Buddy Tug a Jug Toy

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. We use this daily, sometimes three times a day. Whenever we leave Arya home alone she gets food in this; whenever we need her distracted while we're eating dinner, this is how we feed her. It had a bit of a learning curve but now she loves it and she'll sometimes bring it over to us to indicate that she is starving and has never been fed, ever. It keeps her mentally busy, keeps her from totally inhaling her food, and is a great distraction when we need one - 1 cup of food (which fits easily in the large size) takes her about 20 minutes to get out entirely.

KONG AirDog Squeakair Balls

Does your dog love squeaky toys? These are the absolute very best squeaky toys. Arya will run around just squeaking them. She also loves a tennis ball - she shoves them around with her nose and then pounces with her front paws. (Definitely half Boxer...)

Prairie Dog Elk Antler Splits Dog Chews

Yes, these run small. The X-Large is just about big enough for Arya, at 40lbs, so with a bigger dog you might want to find a different brand. But it's been one of the longest-lasting, most substantial, tastiest chew toys for her. She's what you would call a power chewer, with a solid jaw and a habit of shredding most things very quickly. She goes on and off on this thing but loves it when she's "on". She has some un-split ones but doesn't like them as much - having the marrow exposed is a definitely plus.

Charlee Bear Turkey Liver & Cranberries Flavor Dog Treats

These are great low-calorie training treats. They're our basic reward treat. I like that they're made in the USA (a must for all her food items), dry (no gross hands!), and  you get approximation a million of them in one package. They're also more on the natural end of dog treats: no random preservatives. Just basic ingredients. Arya likes the Turkey/Cranberry flavor the best.

Kyjen Outward Hound Blue Port A Bowl

I love this thing. I keep one in my car and we have one in the hiking bag. I'll admit: I fussed about buying one for a while. I figured I'd just keep an old tupperware in the car that she could drink from. But that tupperware got grungy, it took up space, blah blah. For $5, this is rugged, collapses easily, and oh so convenient.

Earth Rated PoopBags Refill Case, 900 bags

We live in a suburban area, and even when we're out hiking, we carry poop bags so we can carry out. These are hands down my favorite poop bags for a bunch of reasons. The dispenser has a clip that means it lives on Arya's leash at all times. The plastic they're made out of is recycled AND formulated to degrade far more quickly than other plastic (in as little as 24 months!), AND they come wrapped around a recyclable cardboard core. We got through one or two rolls a week. $35 for a 900 roll case is a little more than a year's worth of poop bags. SUCH a good price, so worth it to know we won't run out! And a "case" isn't actually huge; it fits easily under the kitchen sink, and came with a few extra dispensers that I've distributed to cars, travel bags, etc.


  1. I'll have to check this place out when I refill the toy supply! Pascale needs all kinds of busy/chew toys to occupy her chewy tendencies.

  2. i don't have a dog.... but if i did i'd be all over some of these toys / accessories. sounds like a great retailer


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