Saturday, December 14, 2013

GMHA Events

Note to self: stuff happens in the winter, too!

Here's a great list of upcoming events at the Green Mountain Horse Association through the winter. I'm hoping to go to at least one of the Winter Warrior events (weather allowing) and one of the sleigh rallies. it's a bit far to go all the time, unfortunately, but that January 8 evening on conditioning programs is calling my name.
Winter Warriors

Join us on December 11!

Sign up and put the following dates on your calendar to come and enjoy a ‘horse-lovers’ evening where we can exchange news, share stories, plan for the coming season and learn something too.

The GMHA “Winter Warriors” Club is free, and open to current GMHA members. Members are welcome to bring guests – no charge!  Those attending are encouraged to bring and share nibbles and drinks that we can all enjoy.  Meetings will be on Wednesdays in the GMHA Members’ Room at 5:30pm.

December 11: Breed Versatility: Pros and cons of different breeds for different disciplines       
Bring along: Photos of your horses (past and present) and stories of their accomplishments.

January 8: Conditioning Programs, Interval Training & Cross-Training    
Bring along: Ideas to share about how to promote fitness and minimize injury risk

February 12: Ask the Guest Experts: Panel Discussion    
Bring along: Questions on training problems you would like help with

March 12: Rider/Trainer Psychology
Led by Jane Rodd Ph.D. Bring along: Pen and paper to complete a fun psych evaluation to learn more about yourself.

April 16: Topic TBD by Members             

Come Sleigh with Us!

Join us for our annual Winter Sleigh Driving Series:

January 4: Sleighing Combined Test
January 5: Sleigh Rally
January 18: Sleighing Combined Test


  1. Oh, man, I wish those winter warriors meetings started a little bit later -- I would totally drive up for the January 8th one but there's no way I could make it in time. A weekend sleigh rally, though...!

    (Also we need to compare notes re: combined driving next summer. I promised Liz I would mark my calendar and volunteer for one of their events.)

    1. I know! They're right on the line for me, too. I'd have to leave work a smidge early and hope that the weather cooperates and/or that my car is feeling reliable.

      If you want to come visit for the sleigh rally that could be really fun! I am for sure putting it on my calendar.

      I was literally just thinking that about combined driving - I kept having to to turn her down last year because the notice was too short for me to get Saturdays off but if we pick a few weekends ahead of time I can get them settled now.


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