Thursday, December 5, 2013

5 Day Challenge: Day 4

Day 4 of Fly On Over's 5 Day Challenge.

16. One thing you’d like to change about your horse.

I do wish Tristan were more forward. Not hugely! But enough so that I didn't have to kick - every - single - stride, or at least be thinking forward with every single stride. 

17. Your horse’s future.

With me. Forever. Always. My goal is to retire him to my own farm, somehow, someday.

18. Your worst show ever.

Oh, God. There is actually video evidence of this. Brace yourselves.

Shortly after this video ended, he really truly lost it and flat out bolted out of the ring. He didn't stop for another 50 yards, until I grabbed the rein right by the bit ring and one-reined him into a spin. Good times.

19. Favorite horse show venue.

I've never ridden there, but I have a deep and enduring love for King Oak Farm. It's by far my favorite venue at which to volunteer, and it was going to be my pick for our first recognized event until Tristan's foot problems started.

20. Your show day routine.

I don't know that I've shown enough to really get a routine down, but it usually starts with a stupid early wakeup call, an egg sandwich and lots and lots of tea, and in the middle there's a frantic re-memorizing of dressage tests, at least one major smudge on my white breeches, me cussing out Tristan while he has a bratty moment while tacking up, and ends with at least one pair of socks soaked through for one reason or another and me flopping in utter exhaustion.


  1. I love to hsve eggs on a horse show morning!

  2. Protein first thing is absolutely key for me. I almost always have peanut butter or eggs or something like that on a regular day. On a horse show day when I know I won't eat much, I absolutely make a point to start with an egg sandwich or otherwise I pass out halfway through!


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