Saturday, December 14, 2013

Etsy Guide: Three Shops to Watch

I did a post previously on some gorgeous vintage horse items on Etsy, and now I want to focus on three different shops. I know the owners of each shop, and like them enormously as people AND as artists. Win-win. So if you're still searching for something horsey for your trainer, barn owner, or best riding buddy, check these three shops out.

Bright Strange Things

Mackenzie is so wildly talented, I can't even fathom it. We first met actually through fandom but quickly realized that we both owned roan mustangs with independent streaks. She's since rehomed her mare Juno, but she still blogs at Bright Strange Things and takes the most amazing photographs. She also continues to produce astounding equestrian art, including this series of eventing ink drawings that I commissioned from her a few years back.

She makes these lovely wire ornaments, seen at left, and really lovely jewelry. She's always working on something interesting and new, so check back regularly. Even the things that aren't to my taste are beautiful!

Crystalline Horse

I am biased in this recommendation as well: Lindsey used to be the barn manager of my former boarding barn. She's now doing the pottery thing more or less full time, and you can see why. She is talented and hardworking and she produces unique, wonderful things. Her horse mugs are really terrific: beautiful, functional, and artistic. I have a dressage mug and a jumping mug that are in regular rotation for my morning tea, and my preferred choice for evening tea. They hold a lot of liquid, they stay hot, and they are beautiful.

Lindsey also makes Raku horses; an example is at right. Raku is a specific type of glaze and way of firing that creates the beautiful shiny style. I have a Raku from Lindsey that looks like Tristan and is one of my most treasured possessions. They are expensive but absolutely stunning - photos doesn't convey how wonderful they are.

Polar Square Designs

Kate makes really, really lovely stuff. I also own one of her signature pieces. In fact, it's the one featured on  her custom saddle pad order page. It's pictured left in all its glory on my roan pony's butt. I. Love. It. People notice it wherever we go. It reminds me to be bad ass on cross country. It's a quality saddle pad and the design is just phenomenal. The picture doesn't really convey the subtleties and shading and intricacy of it. I feel confident in saying that she could pull off any design you wanted.

She also does portraits, photo shoots, and these adorable ornaments, customized to look like your horse - and, of course, she blogs at The Adventures of Lucy.


  1. Wow, I haven't seen Mackenzie's jewelry before. Makes me wish I could be bothered with repiercing my ears.

    1. Yes, she really makes some wonderful stuff, and she's constantly experimenting.


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