Friday, December 6, 2013

5 Day Challenge: Day 5

Fifth and final day of the 5 Day Challenge from Fly On Over.

21. Favorite classes to watch.

Bromont CCI3*, 2010
Eventing at the Advanced or 4* level. Nothing like it in the world, watching horses take those big XC jumps in that incredible leap of strength and grace.

22. What’s in your cooler at horse shows?

Water, fruit (usually dried), yogurt, cheese, baked goods of some kind - usually banana bread, cookies, and muffins.

23. One thing about showing (or riding in general) you wish you could change?

So there's absolutely zero way to change this, but - why does showing take so freaking long? Everything involved with a day of showing is intensely time consuming and exhausting and you're busy constantly. On the one hand, that's great! It makes the day fly by. On the other hand, it would be nice to go somewhere and do a dressage test or two without it being such a major undertaking.
24. Your ringside crew.

Previously, my whole barn would go to events together, so we'd be crew for each other. Most often, Hannah would be my wingman. Now, just me, really. My boyfriend has exactly zero interest in coming to horse shows, and this barn doesn't event, so I'll be on my own.

25. Best prizes.

The best prize I've ever gotten at a horse show was the mug on the right that I won at a barn show, made by Lindsey Epstein, who was barn manager at the time and is a brilliant artist and potter. I still use it all the time. In general, should I ever be lucky enough to place well, I think the halters, coolers, and saddle pads that are the usual are pretty nifty.


  1. I am still your wingman! Just say when and where and I will be there to fix your boot straps. :-D

    1. Yay! I am aiming at the mud ride, so we can wingman each other there. (Is that a verb? It should be.)

      Speaking of I happened to look at Tristan's hind legs in this photo and of course thought of you:

    2. I'm going to be in New Orleans on Mud Ride weekend, alas. But I am hoping to haul up to Vermont at least a time or two over the winter, trailer access and weather permitting, to get some miles in, so hopefully we can hook up and then go from there?

      LOLOLOLOL. SEE? YOU NEEEEEEEEEEEED ME. Shall I fix it in Photoshop? :-D

    3. Winter it is! You are braver than I. :) We will figure something out.

      You already fixed it in real life, let me have the photographic memories of those long boot straps flapping in the wind as if they hadn't a care in the world!

  2. Ooh, banana bread is so good. Might have to add that to my cooler!

    1. Banana bread is excellent - I've also done zucchini bread and pumpkin bread. The trick is something that I can hack off with a knife and eat while wandering around and that's not sticky or crumbly. Banana bread is my standby because I almost always have a loaf around somewhere (my boyfriend eats bananas for breakfast and we often have a few about ready to turn).

  3. I can be a crew member too!


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