Saturday, November 23, 2013

Horse Cookies!

I am an avid baker. One might even characterize me as obsessive. On any given day off, I've usually got something in the oven, and it's usually a new recipe - or a recipe that I want to perfect. Case in point: when I got home from a week away, the first thing I did on my first day back was bake three loaves of bread. Two were for us to have, and one was an experiment in progress. (I'm trying to really nail down a good cinnamon apple swirl bread; soooo close!)

Needed more apples, but the next attempt had too many apples.
Recently, I've been thinking that making horse treats would be a fun challenge. I've dipped my toe in these waters before; I have a carrot cake recipe that I've pared down to be more solid and carrot-y. I feel like there's more to be done, though. Not because Tristan really needs it, or to replace any money I spend on treats - his favorite thing in the whole world to eat is a plain starlight mint, and as treats go, those are dirt cheap.
This is basically Tristan's idea of heaven.
So here's the plan. Over the next few weeks, I will commit myself to trying or tweaking one horse cookie recipe a week. I'll do a mini food blog of it, and I'll taste test in the barn. If I come to any conclusions, I'll let you all know.

Here are some of the recipes I have bookmarked to try:


  1. I'll taste test in the barn

    I hope this means you as well as Tristan!

    I baked horse cookies once and Tucker turned his nose up at them. Sigh.

    1. I would say yes but both mint and molasses are among my least favorite flavors in the whole world, so yuck. I will test on multiple horses, though!


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