Monday, November 25, 2013

Dear Winter, Go Away

Many people are complaining about their recent cold snaps, so I just thought I'd share a slice of Vermont.

We've been fairly reliably into the teens over night for a week or two, and Saturday night (of course, while my boyfriend and I were driving down to New Hampshire) we got a full-on snowstorm. Whiteout conditions on the highway and a couple of inches on the ground waiting for us when we returned home.

Today, three days before Thanksgiving, it was 6 degrees when I woke up and did not crack double digits until 10:00 am. We are predicted to get to the mid-twenties by this afternoon but I think that's a lie.

Our low for Thanksgiving Day is 1 degree. Yes, one single lonely degree. Let's not even discuss what the wind chill is likely to look at - it's been whipping down into the valleys and cutting through everything like a knife.

If it does indeed keep warming up I will head to the barn this afternoon and longe, but - yeesh. This is unusual even for cold, snowy Vermont.

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