Friday, April 24, 2015

Stayin' Alive

I guess. Mostly.

Crazy work travel this week. I do love my job but I am so very tired and my brain is so very full.

Scrambling to get the last information necessary for the house closing which is oh, two weeks from today. Holy shit.

Tristan is sound again at the walk and has been going on turnout with a boot since Monday. I last checked on him on Tuesday; I'll see what he looks like tonight. Today is scheduled to be his last day on poultice + antibiotics. Then he just gets his foot wrapped for another 3 weeks.

I have to decide whether to ride him during that time. It's not a straightforward decision.

Riding means I will have to be neurotically careful about that foot. I have to keep it slow and simple to make sure the wrapping stays on, or doesn't wear through. I may be cleaning it out and re-wrapping it after every ride.

Not riding means we get set further back in our fitness goals, but his foot will stay cleaner. I may have the offer of another horse (or several horses) to ride in the meantime. I'm also incredibly, painfully busy in these next 3 weeks.

Just have to think more.

Oh, and it snowed overnight again. Enough to stick to the grass in the mountains, aka at the barn.

And it's 34 degrees and windy right now.


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  1. glad Tristan is sound again! good luck finishing up with the house


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