Sunday, April 19, 2015

Does my Coggins photo make me look like a donkey?

Yes. Yes it does, Tristan.

Or maybe more accurately like some bastardized poorly conformed zonkey. Who even knows. At least his face is still cute. Good grief.

I've never had a Coggins with actual photos before. I think I prefer the elegance of that basic outline with all the little squiggles and doodles on it as vets attempted to show his freezebrand and roaning.

Maybe Coggins photos are like the passport photos of the horse world.


  1. Omg I know exactly what you mean. Farley has the most atrocious photo.

  2. i didn't even realize they did this now... wonder if my mare will have pics on hers this year? (and yes Tristan has a very cute face!)


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