Thursday, April 23, 2015

FCE Blog Hop: Favorite Prizes

Really nice blog hop from Fraidy Cat Eventing.

What is your favorite ribbon / prize / award that you've won in relation to horses? Is there a story behind it? Or was it a bucket list prize you'd been chasing for ages? It doesn't have to be from a traditional horse show, and ribbons that are the favorite bc they are the prettiest are just as awesome as awards with a great story.

Here's my favorite prize in a purely materialistic sense. At my old barn, the barn manager was a wonderful potter, and she would gift these amazing mugs as prizes in the schooling shows. I won this one for a combined test on Tristan. Not our most spectacular day ever, but I remember it as fairly workmanlike, which is basically our wheelhouse.

The mug in question, last winter.

I may have to think a bit more on this question, though, because I have a longer story about another ribbon. I need to get a picture of it and pull some photos together to tell that story, though.


  1. i love that mug! i wonder if she free-handed that horse and rider or used a stencil... regardless it's perfect! thanks for doing the hop :)

  2. I'd rather have a prize like that than any ribbon, cooler, or other stuff they give out. That's a beautiful mug.


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