Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How to sell me homeowner's insurance...

...first, can I say how much buying a house sucks? Like, a lot? Like, A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT JESUS CHRIST I HATE IT? Here, have a hoop. Here, have another hoop. Whoops, we moved this one while you weren't looking. Now hurry up and wait some more. Now as quickly as possible I need your signature on these 15 pieces of paper, why yes, piece #12 signs your life and firstborn away to three different possible people if you look crosseyed at a turtle on a Wednesday, ignore that, just sign it, NOW!


While Tris is chilling and getting over his gimpiness, I am trying to get the last of the house stuff done so we can stay on time for closing. This week, that means finalizing homeowner's insurance, which means, because I am me, reading 8 million articles to figure out exactly what this stuff all is and what it means and how to compare rates and what I really need.

So I chatted with a representative yesterday afternoon, and she took my vehicle information to pull quotes for that as well to see if combining them gets us a discount.

So I said: 2011 Honda CR-V, and then 1991 Chevy 2500...and she paused and said, "You have horses, don't you?"

The whole rest of the phone call was a split between oh yeah we should actually talk business...and hearing about her horses and the trail riding in her part of the state.

She has a Morgan/Haflinger cross! I can't even.

Oh, and so far she gave us the best rate, too, but while that's a good practical reason, my gut says "imagine actually liking your insurance agent and getting to talk horses when you have to deal with her?" and that is a small consolation in this whole convoluted process.


  1. oh that's so funny - i guess it takes one to know one haha. actually liking your agent IS definitely a big bonus ;)

  2. I switched my personal articles insurance agent to a guy I ride with because a) supporting locals, yo and b) talking horses while I'm in the office. It's a legit strategy. I also sold personal articles insurance with him to EVERYONE I know because they insure saddles and I feel like insurance on a $5000 CWD is an important thing.


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