Friday, April 3, 2015


Conversation last night between me and the barn manager while she was doing chores in the aisle and I was riding in the indoor.

Me: Ow! Hey, [BM], I just broke my nail on my saddle!
BM: Oh no! Wait, your fingernail or your saddle nail?
Me: My fingernail, it caught on the pommel while I was gathering rein.
BM: Oh, well then, get your damn hands out of your lap!

...she's not wrong.


  1. Ha! Or put on some damn gloves, just to complete the things-Amanda-hates advice collection!

    1. It was too warm for my winter gloves and all my summer gloves are still packed! #vermontproblems

  2. lol... nothing quite like a nail injury to remind us where our hands are supposed to go haha


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