Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Five Equestrian Facebook Pages You Should Follow

Let's assume I'm taking it for granted that you should follow the Facebook pages of your favorite blogs. Many of them have really great FB pages - so check out your blog roll and see what's listed!

(If you have a blog-related Facebook page, comment here with the link if you'd like to so that people can find you.)

I'm focusing here on organizational pages that I love seeing on my Facebook news feed every day.

1. The Countryside Alliance

This is an organization in Great Britain that promotes "countryside" rights, which most often means some type of hunting. They post tons of gorgeous photos of foxhunting horses, gun dogs, foxhounds, and beautiful vistas. Totally worth the follow for your daily taste of British life.

2. The International Museum of the Horse

They don't post as often as I wish they would but they post really cool stuff - vintage photograph, fun facts, and in general interesting history. I always learn something new.

3. Barbara Wheeler Photography

Best photos on Facebook, bar none. She posts the most utterly amazing photographs of mustangs out west - endless gorgeous photos of wild horses being truly wild. She has a comprehensive knowledge of their personalities and family bands, too, and you can read the captions and follow a whole storyline.

4. Kentucky Horse Park

Kind of speaks for itself! They have photos of the horses that live there, the activities that go on, and they often share the photos and updates from events taking place in the park, from every discipline.

Friends of Ferdinand is a Thoroughbred retirement organization, and they post updates on racing, retired racehorses, and all sorts of cool things. It gives me a nice boost to see horses doing well in their new homes.

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