Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Round 1, Match 6: Brego v Merrylegs

First, the results from Round 1, Match 4, Smoky v Sleipnir:


I have to say, that was the first one that really surprised me. Possibly because I have never read the Smoky books and I'm married to a Swede.

Round 1, Match 5, Beauty v Pegasus, is still going on and it's not terribly tight but you still have time to get your vote in!

Here's today's match.

Round 1, Match 6

Brego v Merrylegs

Not a ton in common between these two!

In Brego, we have our first purely cinematic horse. Created by Peter Jackson for his film trilogy, Brego belonged to the prince of Rohan, Theodred, before he was killed. After a period wild with grief, he chooses to become Aragorn's horse, and carries the King of Gondor through to the end of the story.

[please note the egregious error I made in not including Shadowfax in the initial seeding round; Brego will have to stand in for him as well as other LOTR horses like Bill, Asofel, etc., hi, I'm a dork.]

Merrylegs, from Black Beauty, is the quintessential children's pony. Steady, cheerful, wise, and with just enough sass to keep everyone on their toes.

Who will advance?

I mean we could just do a "horses ridden in a sexy manner by Viggo Mortensen" tournament next year and give me loads of excuses to post pictures like this.

If memory serves, those kids get dumped two seconds later.

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  1. I vote yes to all things horse/Viggo :)

    1. Same here! I love that man and the #1 reason is because not only does he really ride, he goes to the trouble of establishing a connection with the horses he rides in films. *swoon* lol

  2. Literally every single horse I have voted for has lost their round. WTF. My tastes are so off point, apparently. And then there are matches like this where I (kinda) don't care as much and it's like WTF why couldn't YOU have been matched against the Pie!

  3. OMG! This is so close so far. Merrylegs is my favourite fictional pony ever - I had a bike named Merrylegs! (and the next was Napoleon, after the pony horse in Black Stallion :) )


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