Sunday, March 12, 2017

House Post: More Basement Organization

I think I am maybe beginning to understand that basement organization is an ongoing home ownership problem that has no beginning and no end.

Previously, it was kind of a mess but I had started anyway.

Also, we added shelving to the root cellar.

I've made good progress in distributing the crap that you can see in this picture, taken almost exactly a year ago.

That picture makes me twitch, actually.

Here's what it looks like right now.

Slightly closer picture & different angle but you'll have to trust me - all that crap is gone! The shelving behind our lawn furniture is also mostly empty.

So, what's next?

That shelving is going away this weekend! I'll do a combination of things to it: cut it up for scrap/burn pile; cut it up to transform into new, more useful, more sturdy shelving; and cut it up to set aside as useful scraps for other potential future projects.

Eventually, I want a project corner: somewhere I can do woodworking, painting, cellar-type things on a usable flat surface with tools to hand. (All of our tools are stored on shelving that is just to the right of this photo. That shelving is deeply meh but is just fine for now.)

First step will be to take the quite nice plywood top off the left side of that shelving and - in a perfect coincidence - fit it without cutting or modification to some hardware my dad gave me to create a work table.

Then, tackle the rest of it. Photos forthcoming!

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  1. I try so hard to keep my basement organized, but it's a thankless task haha


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