Thursday, March 2, 2017

2017 Goals: February Recap

Previously, I set horse goals and life goals.

January Recap

So, how was February?

Horse Goals - original post here
1. Put hands on my horse 5x a week - better and better! I'm mostly pleased with this, actually.

2. Be less perfunctory - I really should have made this goal easier to quantify. I struggled with this one a bit, though.

3. Aim toward dressage schooling shows - good progress, mostly in the nature of keeping him in good work. I'll have to look at the schooling schedule to see how that maps out for the summer for any away shows.

4. Take more lessons - February, check! Scheduled March.

5. Horse-specific income stream / funding emergency fund - Tristan's emergency fund is now at $525/$1500, and my overall emergency fund is at $7,715/$12,000. Still no real progress on the income stream.

6. Do more thoughtful work - Mixed. I am pleased with how much more I'm reading in terms of thoughtful long thinkpieces rather than short articles.

7. Get more media - Sort of still a fail. I'm taking more pictures of Tristan, but none of them have me in it.

Life Goals - original post here
1. Pay off car - still on track for November 2017 with possibilities to move faster that I'm waiting on

2. Read 75 books - 15/75 down:

The Underground Railroad by Coulson Whitehead
Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman
No Ordinary Time by Doris Kearns Goodwin

Better with the whole reading-white-men thing! Better, too, with lining up books to read on a schedule, but slower progress due to higher density non-fiction books and less time to read overall.

3. Revive history blogs - Off the wagon in February, but I'm scheduling posts for March now, so...mixed? First post for March published yesterday, a reflection on national identity as shown in the Estonian National History Museum.

4. Do better about food - February was all about focusing on cleaning out the pantry, so I made a lot of meals that used up random things in order to get to the back of the cupboards & the freezer. But, I did do better about food prep, particularly for quality breakfast items like smoothies and mini quiches.

5. Decorate the house - sigh. not really. I did the curtains in the office but...that's kind of it.


  1. Uhh yeah my savings is like $6? My quarterly goals update is gunna be rough

    1. I've totally been there, I feel you! I'm happy with my progress right now but I have such a low risk tolerance, and for me money = security.

  2. Do you read books the old-fashioned way or listen to them or read them electronically or a combination of them? I'm in awe of your reading goal. I saw Doris Kearns Goodwin speak several years ago after she released the Abraham Lincoln book. Her delivery was kind of boring, but her information was riveting. I was very impressed.

    1. I read a combination of both ways - physically or via Kindle. This month the first three were physical books for various reasons (the first two I wanted my purchase of them to speak as my support for them, the third was for a book club I go to at a local bookstore). The Goodwin is on a loan from a library as an ebook. I never listen to books on tape - I can't focus, and end up dropping parts of the story. I listen to a lot of podcasts while sewing or exercising; it's easier if I dip in and out of those.

      I actually got to have dinner with her a few years ago through a dinner + talk that my mother-in-law organized. She is sharp, thoughtful, and funny. She doesn't write as conversationally as she speaks, but I think on the gamut she's a much easier read than many historians!

      I am a pretty fast reader. I read Neverwhere in about 48 hours. If I'm on a roll, I can easily do ~100 pages an hour. On vacation, I do about a book a day.


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