Friday, March 10, 2017

March Madness: Round 1, Match 8: Flame v Ashleigh's Wonder

Round 1, Match 6 produced our closest race yet, but Brego just nudged out Merrylegs to advance.

Today, the last match of Round 1, and it's a doozy. I honestly don't know which one I'll choose, personally.

Round 1, Match 8

Flame v Ashleigh's Wonder

Two literary chestnuts...that's about all they've got in common.

Flame is the Island Stallion, a counterpart and rival to the Black Stallion, has a completely incoherent backstory but is completely badass nonetheless. (Also, it continued incoherent - aliens? vampire bats? wtf?)

Ashleigh's Wonder is the original star of the Thoroughbred series: raised by Ashleigh Griffin, she becomes a superlative racehorse and the foundation mare for the book series' racing stars.

Flame in his secret island valley

Ashleigh and the foal Wonder

My heart can't even take this, but one of these two redheads will stay home, and one will advance.

ALSO: it's your very last chance to vote, share, and enter the Rafflecopter for the Round 1 prize, a $10 Riding Warehouse gift certificate + saddle pad.

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  1. Oh man, I forgot all about the aliens in the Flame stories!

    1. SO WEIRD. Between that and the apocalyptic stuff at the end with the


    Wait Aliens? I only remember the bats.

    But you can't tell me the whole Wonder story made any more sense. I read that shit too.

  3. Aliens? Wait, what? I guess I need to re-read that.

  4. We need a good X-Files meets Black Stallion type of story.


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