Saturday, October 10, 2015

Weekly Blog Roundup

A roundup of horse blog posts this week.

Secrets to simplifying your R&R life from Boots & Saddles
Really, really good ideas, all of them.

5 things I learned at the AECs from The $900 Facebook Pony
Hilarious, touching, and thoughtful all at once.

Out of place in another saddle from The Maggie Chronicles
Interesting thinking - do you feel odd riding other horses, or is it part of your routine?

Eliminating dichotomous thinking from A Enter Spooking
Huh. Good thinky stuff there.

Breaking the mold from The Pony Club Pizza
I...may need this information. I have no excuse.

Interview: Sarah Crowe, Creator of Dyna Does Dressage Documentary from The Aspiring Equestrian
A documentary about a mule doing dressage. WHERE DO I SIGN UP?

Equestrian Apparel for All Shapes and Sizes from Hand Gallop
Great guide.

Tiny Side Project from The Reeling
AAAAAAHHHHH. I want one.

Hoof Over Time Project: Conclusion from Boots & Saddles
The whole project has been fascinating and informative, and this wrap up is particularly good.

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