Monday, October 12, 2015

2pointober: Week One

Good news: Improvement!

Bad news: sonofabitch ow.

It was just too nice to stay inside last night and bang out trot sets, which had been the plan, so I just started off in the indoor and warmed up and then got my new baseline out of the way.

So, our progression thus far:

baseline: 0:47
Week 1: 2:11


Also. Ow.

After the baseline, we headed out to the field for some walking and trotting. Tristan was wholly uninterested and unimpressed and kept tripping. Sigh. But at least it was pretty?


  1. that shadow pic is awesome haha. also nice improvement - i have yet to even attempt a second round after getting my baseline... boo me haha

  2. Great job! Don't forget to stretch!


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