Saturday, October 3, 2015

Weekly Blog Roundup

Epic catch up blog roundup...ready?

2pointober from Viva Carlos

German Warmblood Registries from Not-So-Speedy Dressage
Well-explained and useful overview!

Continuing to teach an old dog new tricks from Boots and Saddles
Living the dream. I would love to drive someday.

Cantering Through Cancer from Pony Express
Legitimately inspirational.

At the Barn = In the Office from Fly on Over
Yessssss. One of my biggest challenges, too.

Our Fire Evac Plans from To Teach a Mustang
Candid, thoughtful, and thorough review of a fire evacuation plan. The kind of thing you really, really need and hopefully never use.

Polos, Boots, and Leg Protection from Sprinkler Bandit
Food for thought; also contains the best explanation I have yet read or heard for using leg protection as a daily routine.

What to expect on a green horse's first cross country school from Eventing Connect
Logical and thorough overview. Useful read.

A Tale of a big, bad bean and heatstroke from Equinpilot
Things I never knew about cleaning a gelding's sheath!

The reality of owning a horse trailer from Poor Woman Showing
100000% the truth.

Big Moves from Equestrian at Hart
Do you have advice on moving a horse across several states? Share it with Hillary!

Conditioning Work from Hand Gallop
Always, always on my mind.

The Rider Adapts: Top 5 Skin Care Essentials from Bay With Chrome
SUPER useful, especially for those of us whose skin dries out like crazy in the winter.

The Art of Mending Burnt Bridges from The Legal Equestrian
Possibly the #1 constant in the horse world. (Maybe behind spending way more money than you wanted.)

How to take the perfect conformation picture from Poor Woman Showing
Funny AND helpful!

Event Recap: Groton House Fall Classic from The Maggie Memoirs
I love a good show recap, and I love Groton House.

How to make electrolyte horse treats from DIY Horse Ownership


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