Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ah, there's the rub

We're used to thinking of winter as blanket rub season. That's the way I always saw it.

No more!

With Tristan's host of immuno-suppressed issues have come a series of generalized allergic reactions. Last summer, he broke out into really nasty hives several times. So I got out the fly sheet I had bought on a whim almost 9 years ago because it was on clearance, and he wore it a few times when he seemed particularly bad.

This summer, we thought, well, we'll get out ahead of it! He'll just be one of those horses who wears a fly sheet all summer!

Yeah, you can see where this is going, right?

It's not sensitive, did not open up in any way, etc., but damn it all. Next year, new fly sheet.


  1. Aww. At least it kind of matches his roaning?

  2. I thought I was helping Bobby out last year by getting him one of those lycra shoulder guards and it rubbed him in the exact same place from the elastic inside it getting twisted. Now it looks like I rode him in a saddle that didn't fit for years thanks to the white mark on his withers. Stupid blankets.

  3. My mare has one of those too, courtesy of an overnight blanket tangling incident. It's fading, so there is hope for yours :)

  4. Doh! Stupid blankets... Looks like maybe he just needs one that sits a little higher above his withers? I leased a TB a while ago that got rubs on her chest/ front on the shoulder from a flu sheet. So annoying!


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