Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tail Update: What the Vet Said

So, when I posted that Tristan's tail lump had mysteriously vanished, I said I would email the vet and check in.

Here's the email exchange.

Hi Vet,

I went out to the barn on Monday, and Tristan's wrap had come off when he came in from the field, finally. (It was on for 5 weeks!)

There is...nothing at all on his tail. No stitches, no lump, only a vague maybe-sorta outline where the lump was.

So, I guess it's all over with? I'm puzzled but glad, I guess. Weirdo horse.

Her reply. The bolding is mine.

It's our beads! Non-cancerous tumor or not, they shrunk the growing tissue. As an aside, I'm thinking of doing a research project on this. It is very interesting. Glad they are gone and he is well!!

My horse: subject of a research paper, coming soon. If she actually does write it I will absolutely share it.

(For those wondering what happened to the radioactive beads: I, too, am wondering. My best guess is that since they were "bioabsorbable" they did indeed absorb fully and are gone, and that the half-life of the radioactivity was such that there is no concern. I have emailed the vet back to make 100% sure, though. She is SUPER on top of things, so if there were any danger I'm quite confident that she would have followed up.)

At least he is cute.


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    1. it's reflective and I love it! I did a review here and there's still a giveaway going on:

  2. i love that bridle too!!! not sure how i missed your review and giveaway (and now the two horse tack website doesn't appear to be working). anyway glad Tristan's tail seems to be all better!

  3. Well um, that is what "bioabsorbable" means... That they will be absorbed..


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