Saturday, November 29, 2014

Weekly Blog Roundup

Last week's blog roundup was shortened on account of me being insanely busy with a professional conference. Here, have a special edition horse blog roundup for your reading enjoyment!

Go-Everywhere, Ride Camp Dog from In Omnia Paratus
I am a huge fan of Liz's Husky Kenai, and I loved her round up of ways in which you should train your dog to be a solid citizen when out and about. Arya is slowly, slowly becoming a more civilized barn dog but she's nowhere near ready yet. Here's something to aim for.

Crop to the Rescue from A Gift Horse
Oh man. I have many flaws as a rider, but my elbows might be the most egregious. I might have to try this.

Happy on Horseback from Confessions of a Pioneer Woman
I know some people hate her, but I kind of love this blog, and have for many years now - almost 10, I think? Here's a great example of the gorgeous photos she takes of working ranch horses. (As an aside, I once stumbled across a blog that was solely a hate blog for Pioneer Woman; it basically mirrored each of her posts with reasons why everything she wrote was terrible. It was a mystifying example of anonymous internet nastiness. The pinnacle, for me, was reached when the blog tried to prove that their ranch horses were abused because they had sweat marks!!1!!1! Oy.)

The Weenie Eventers Head to Hagyard Midsouth Three Day Challenge from A Filly's Best Friend
Really cool goal, cool story, and a chance to both enter a giveaway and bid on some great horse products for a good cause. Check it out! (You can also head directly to their Go Fund Me page and their Facebook page.)

Winter Wear Review from All In
I could basically read winter gear reviews all day. Some really drool-worthy tops on here.

What It's Like Being an Anxious Horse Owner from She Moved to Texas

Rehabbing Real Life from Confessions of an AA Event Rider
Kind of an important lesson for me right now. Be as kind to yourself and as thoughtful about your progression as you are about your horse's.

Working a horse show from Hand Gallop
Here's the other side of all those drool-worthy mobile tack units you see at horse shows. I know I've personally bought panicky last-minute items more than a few times, and browsed every time I can. So many pretty things!

Wofford on Grooming from Incidents of Guidance
This is clear, precise, and yet still nearly spiritual. It made me want to go to the barn immediately.


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