Thursday, November 6, 2014

Heads Up: Great RoadID 15th Anniversary Sale!

First, thank you everyone who offered feedback on whether to order a RoadID or a RoadSafe bracelet. When I saw news of the RoadID 15th Anniversary sale on COTH, I immediately went back to that post - and all your great advice - and thought it all through, then ordered a bracelet.

For reference, I went with the Slim band, in the limited edition gray color, with the following information:

Full Name
Date of Birth
Emergency contact (First Name, Phone Number, HUSB for "husband" even though we're a few months away from the actual wedding date)
NKA, NO MED HX (no known allergies, no medical history)

I chose not to get the online component, and not to get any of the extra tags - couldn't find one that really spoke to me.

I ordered a second band, too, and with shipping, my total order was $18.57. Pretty darn good!

So, until early tomorrow morning, you too can save 15%!

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