Tuesday, November 4, 2014


A collection of random thoughts as I am preoccupied with many things:

- I did not end up clipping yesterday. I'm still committed to clipping, but I ran out of time / energy / willpower.
- I did longe yesterday, and he was a lunatic, then eventually settled in to get some good work done.
- I added this sheet/blanket to the mix, as a wicking layer underneath his wool cooler for cold days. Tried it on him yesterday, and LOVE IT. Exactly what I wanted.

- Tris was overdue for his Pentosan injection by a week because I sucked and forgot to buy more syringes & needles, then the barn manager was out of town. Knowing that, I had been keeping an eagle eye on precisely how he felt over the last week and a half. Sunday, I sat on him for a hack and immediately thought he felt better. Monday, he bucked and farted and galloped his way around the circle on the longe line. I checked in with the barn manager: yup, got his Pentosan last Friday. Miracle drugs!


  1. Glad you like the new sheet! I was wondering about buying a liner to go under her medium once it gets really cold.

  2. so glad the pentosan is working for you!


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