Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Small Things

I got to see my horse last night! Whooooooo!

I did not ride, on account of still not being able to take a deep breath without wheezing. But I brought him out of his stall and let him hoover up the little bits of spilled hay in the aisle, and pulled his blanket, and curried and brushed him all over. He was happy to see me, which is always a nice feeling, and it was heavenly to spend even 30 minutes in the quiet with him.

He was wearing his heavyweight and not too warm. I remain amazed by this. It was 34 degrees outside, which is not that cold! Good grief. Of all the changes wrought on his body by aging, this is one that continues to flummox me. How is MY horse, Tristan, my tough little mustang, who lived outside 24/7 through multiple Vermont winters, who turned up his nose at going in the shelter in driving snow, how is he wearing a heavyweight blanket in November comfortably?

Also, what are we going to do when it gets actually cold? He is carrying a bit too much weight right now, so on the one hand being a little cold and burning some calories wouldn't be the worst idea; on the other hand, I am still utterly terrified of the one cold-induced colic that he had.


No barn tonight, on account of our Thanksgiving storm. Hopefully Friday.

Tristan is pretty firmly in that 10" purple band.


  1. Agh! That's a lot of snow. We're finally into the time of year where it actually pays off to live in Texas.

    1. My younger brother just bought a house smack in the middle of one of the 14" purple streaks, and he hasn't bought a snowblower yet. Sucks to be him. There's one advantage at least to living in an apartment still!


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