Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cushings Update: New ACTH Levels

So, just to give the quick background. In August, if you will remember, the vet looked at Tristan and wanted him tested for Cushings. She drew blood that day, and sent it off to Cornell overnight. His ACTH levels came back positive, and we started him on Pergolide. If you want to read the really long version of that, here are the posts:

What the Vet Found
New Challenges: Cushings Diagnosis
Feeding & Nutrition Update

For every fussy thought that has come into my head through the whole saga, use the Cushings tag.

August 5: blood pulled for ACTH test
August 12: blood comes back with high ACTH levels; normal levels are 9-35, and Tristan was at 47.8
August 13: diet adjusted to low-starch, higher-calorie alternatives
August 22: day 1 of Pergolide dosage at 1/4 dose
August 31: first day of full dose of Pergolide
November 19: blood pulled for second ACTH test



He's at a great weight, he has more energy and is more alert, and he has had zero complications with the Pergolide. Here's to a winter of muscle-building and good health. (Quick, someone find me some wood to knock on.)


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