Saturday, January 21, 2017

Weekly Blog Roundup

LOADS of reading this week. It's a reading kind of week. Enjoy that freedom of expression while we still have it, folks.

Mass Review: Back on Track Stuff! from The Feral Red Horse
I've used a handful of Back on Track products on Tristan and I like the results I've seen. I'm getting closer and closer to purchasing more - just trying to shore up those spending holes and savings accounts first.

What has happened to bridles lately? from Clover Ledge Farm
I know you all like your PS of Sweden bridles but...yeah. They don't do anything for me.

Branding the Equestrian Business from House on the Hill
I've been thinking about branding a lot lately and this was a thoughtful appraisal.

Safety Features from WeanieEventer
The trailer widget highlighted here is SMART.

Intro to EquiVibe from The Jumping Percheron not convinced, but I think you could describe me as intrigued.

10 tools to blog more in less time from Blogging in Balance
Some of these are a little too specialized for me, but they're still useful to think about.

A Different Path from A Enter Spooking
Really, really wonderful examination of personal motivations and sacrifices.

Freaking Fantastic from Fly on Over
It's really important to think hard about what works best for your horse as an individual, and this is a great example of tailoring a management program with success.

Pet vs Partner from Dr. Mel Newton
Deeply thought-provoking way of looking at the horses in our lives.

Partner versus Pet from In Omnia Paratus
Liz's response to the above!

And the non-horsey read of the week: Every book Barack Obama has recommended during his presidency. This is a really extraordinary list, trending (obviously) toward the erudite and complicated, but with so many real gems. Everyone will find something to love on there, and I would urge us all to pick out something new to us to expand our worldview.


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  2. :) I feel a bit silly using some of that good ole freedom of speech to gush about ceramic fiber, but... It's good stuff. Thanks for the mention!


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