Sunday, January 8, 2017

House Post: The Man Cave Abides

My in-laws are up this weekend, which means huge progress on the man cave!

See: my husband does not do home improvement. He's not that guy. He hikes and skis and plays video games and loathes anything like tools or work on the house. (Which is why these posts have been about what I do; I'm the one who works on the house 98% of the time.) His dad is the opposite of that guy, which means that when my father-in-law is here, so much shit gets done.

Last time, we ripped out the old insulation, old sheetrock, old ceiling, old floor, and put up new insulation, new vapor barrier, and new walls.

Then, when my dad came to visit, we replaced the old fluorescent lighting with recessed lighting.

In the interim, I have not touched it except to add spray foam to the gaps around the windows, because the space is my husband's and I have loads of things to do in other rooms.

This past weekend we've put up vapor barrier in the ceiling, put up sheetrock on the ceiling, and done two layers of mud. One more layer of mud and we start primer!

Then, the remaining list for the space is: paint the walls, figure out the floor (some combination of carpeting + tile), put trim around the windows & door, and decorate.

a reminder of the before-before

where we left off on this blog

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  1. Wow, what an improvement! I can't wait to see how you finish it! I'm living vicariously through these posts since my current house project is 350 sq feet of "tiny house" that is stalled out due to weather.


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