Friday, January 27, 2017

Justin Morgan, composer

You may know that Justin Morgan acquired a young colt named Figure and in doing so founded the Morgan horse breed.

You may not know that Justin Morgan's primary profession was actually singing teacher, one of those location- and era-specific professions that baffle us today.

He also composed a number of songs, one of which is still somewhat famous today, AND was named after me.

(obviously not really but I'm still going to claim it)

Here's a gorgeous symphonic interpretation of that same basic melody by composer Thomas Canning.

So, if you've read Marguerite Henry's Justin Morgan Had a Horse and like me hold dear the image of a lanky and laconic New Englander striding his way through the wilderness, followed by a scrubby colt: this is the music that was in his head.


  1. Actually my sister today makes her living as a vocal coach (Modern day Singing Teacher :) ).


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