Friday, January 13, 2017

Boston Public Library Photograph Collections: Horse Sports, Part 1

Massachusetts - and, more broadly, central/coastal New England - used to have a much bigger tradition of horse sports than it does now. Not for nothing was the USET based out of Hamilton, MA, one of the earliest international three-day events was at Ledyard Farm, Myopia Hunt is one of the oldest in America, and equestrians like Karen O'Connor and Bobby Costello grew up in the area.

So here are a selection of photographs from the Boston Public Library about the halycon days of eastern Massachusetts as the center of the equestrian world.

The horses with no riders after the spill at Raceland, Framingham
Trotters at Salem, N.H., Rockingham
Davidsons of A and P - Cohasset
Bayard Tuckerman on Bective Lad at Myopia
Virginia Tolman on Homestead at Weymouth fair
Bayard Tuckerman - Myopia Hunt
Jumping - One of those times that the horse refuses to jump at the stone wall
Hamilton horse show - Mrs. F. Ayer on River Sand wins Buddy Cup - light weight hunters
Betty Dird - horsewoman
Bayard Tuckerman at Southborough, MA
Ballymore of Oldtown Hill Farm jumping at Brockton fair
Horse jump
Woman with 3 horses
Horse jumping
Three women on a sawhorse
Hugh Bancroft Jr. thrown by his jumper Pop-Over - Millwood hunt
Danny Shea on Crowell's Fairfax at Scituate Horse Show
Millwood Hunt - Framingham
Millwood Hunt - 2-4 - Stout Fella - Mrs. William B. Song, 2-7 - Martins's Caddy - J.F. Broderick


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    1. I spent waaaaaaaaay more time than I should have finding them!

  2. These are so cool! I also love seeing the "fails" because sometimes people pitch the good ol' days as a time where everyone was brave and perfect. Obviously not always true!

    1. I left out some truly ugly crashes, too. People fell just as often, and they did it without real protective gear.

  3. THERE IS SO MUCH TO LOVE HERE! I love the dog running through the track in the first image. I love the gravitas with which those two women take themselves. I love that some pictures are before the "forward seat" was invented. I love that guy jumping out of the ditch underneath a trakehner? I love the one where he's getting pitched over post and rails!!!

  4. I LOVE these! Thanks for posting them!


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