Saturday, January 14, 2017

Weekly Blog Roundup

LOADS of great reads this week!

A more effective warmup & riding for better scores from Wyvern Oaks
Warmups and ringcraft are two of my favorite things to think & talk about related to shows. I'm weird like that.

Horseback riding in Mexico from DIY Horse Ownership
Amazing vacation. It looks so warm...

How easy it would be from A Gift Horse
"What do riders who have kids do?" my husband asked last week. They work their asses off and provide inspiration for the rest of us, is the message of this post.

(Actually I think I said "they are miserable all the time and they have to sell their horses and they hate everything and IT IS THE WORST" but I am over-dramatic and also really really really don't want kids.)

Moonlit Snow Galloping from In Omnia Paratus

Non-horsey (sort of) read of the week:
The High-Cost, High-Risk World of Modern Pet Care. This was an unsettling and thought-provoking read. I've been lucky to work with locally-owned vet practices for all of my animals, and I try hard to have informed conversations. But what about people who don't have those options?


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  2. As a person who falls behind on reading blogs on the reg, I really love these weekly round ups to show me some of the exciting things I'm missing out on each week. They motivate me to catch up on reading quicker. Thank you.


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