Sunday, December 11, 2016

House Post: Recessed Lighting in the Man Cave

House work has been pretty darn slow, actually. I'm focusing on organizing before getting into any big new projects, and working through the "little things" list. I've been on a good roll lately of putting away 3 things each night, big or small, that have ended up in not the right place. Sometimes this is just tidying up, and sometimes it's further organizing.

So this is a thing that actually happened a couple of weeks ago and not much has happened since. My dad and I put in recessed lighting in the ceiling to replace the old gross fluorescent lighting. It looks terrific. My husband and I have since pulled all the old staples from the ceiling and are ready to put up the vapor barrier...someday. With the arrival of winter weather, this room has become really awful to work in unless you turn on the space heater. So we'll see when we actually get around to it.

I've also put in foam sealant around all the windows, so the room is just about as insulated as it can get until we work in the crawlspace.

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