Thursday, December 8, 2016

Blog Hop: Bloodlines

I'm a horrible person, because I can't remember the exact name people are using for this blog hop but...I keep reading these really neat posts about equine bloodlines, from OTTBs to all sorts of other breeds and I'm over here, like...well, Tristan definitely has ancestors?

Fun game: cover up his freezebrand, put him in front of people, and say, "what breed?" Then watch their faces. I've gotten Andalusian, Morgan, Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, the list goes on. (No one has ever guessed "dachshund" sadly.)

It's funny because what even is going on there with that conformation? sigh.

So I thought I'd link to a few posts I've done before about where he comes from, which is as close to tracking his bloodlines as I'll ever get.

Blog Hop: History of a Horse - about the Callaghan HMA where he was rounded up
Rescuing Wild Mustangs in Maine - about Tristan's rescue, and how we met


  1. Have you ever done the DNA test? I've been thinking of sending mine away for that.

    1. I have not. I've thought about it, but never been motivated enough to spend the money.


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